With the digital revolution having undertaken almost the whole world in its grasps, the computer has become a companion to man, inseparable and unavoidable at all turns. Whether it be currency, transport, food, business, family, everything is now tied together by these systems. With a rise in technology, went up the market for engineers. That is precisely why Amrita University is promoting coding, especially for girls, with our one-of-a-kind initiative and enable more women in the field. ICPC AlgoQueen 2021 hosted by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a unique girls-only competitive programming contest conducted for all girl students in India.

Under the same initiative, CodeDrills Practice Sessions launched for AlgoQueen help students to practice coding related interviews and crack top MNC interview rounds with the help of AI-based adaptive learning. The video explains in detail how to access the same. Let’s go into detail on the importance of coding in the coming days.

Coding skills are crucial for future careers and these are the prominent reasons:

  • Business spends on IT and related infrastructure is accelerating by the day.
  • E-commerce is growing rapidly across the world.
  • More job roles that require coding knowledge are coming up every day.
  • Coding skills attract higher wages and senior profiles.
  • Growth in the need for cybersecurity has propelled coding requirements.

Where will coding be used prominently?

With coding transforming into an essential IT framework for the modern world and coders acting as the base-level architects of all projects from the get-go, it is no surprise skilled coders are in high demand. From developing modern mobile phone and desktop apps to trending website interfaces and features such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Coding is applicable for multiple programming languages, each with a different intent that ties in with increasing the efficiency of the process and delivering outputs. Majorly used languages include:

Java: Used as a general-purpose language, prominently for desktop software, websites, smartphones, tablets, embedded systems etc., Java dominates in computer applications.

JavaScript: The similarity is just in the name with Java, otherwise this is an independent language with functionality of its own. Originally made to develop front-end and in-browser functionality, it is now also applied to launch an entire application to function within a web browser. Owing to current advancements it is also used as a general-purpose programming language.

C: This stunningly fast language is mainly used for writing device drivers, operating systems, and structure for other programming languages. Programming embedded systems with enhanced performance also involve work on this language.

C++: Developed on C, C++ overlaps many places with the former. It finds major applications in advanced coding like for 3D games. With website use very rare, C++ can only be seen in highly-optimised website development. With its ability to manage memory very efficiently, smooth real-time execution is essential for this language.

Hence, it can be safely said that coding will expand options for those pursuing a career in Computer Science. Other than usual IT workers, scientists, designers, data analysts, artists and engineers, career options are also opening up in finance and manufacturing. Hence, coders have become highly sought after, and are often well-rewarded in terms of salary.