In a world of dynamic changes from one day to the next, deciding on your career path is no easy feat. Mr. Rajeevlochana G. Chittawadigi (Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bengaluru) explains on why a student should opt for Robotics and Mechanical Engineering.

He explains about the past, present and future from a student’s perspective. The past being a blend of creativity and learning; present being a state of trying to study hard for the entrance examinations while trying to determine the best suited education program, and the future being building steps to reach the career of their dreams.

Choosing a graduation stream should essentially involve three factors:

  1. Passion
  1. Demand
  1. Supply

Mr. Rajeevlochana details on how passion for the applications of the course you choose is essential so that you progress in the field related to your education. Passion for the stream you choose leads to dedication enabling students to excel in their career prospects. So, graduation aspirants should carefully consider what course they are passionate about.

Finding out whether there’s a demand for the field you choose, in terms of career prospects and applications is essential. The more demand your chosen career has, more diverse will the job opportunities in the same be. Hence, this is one crucial factor to be researched too.

Lastly, the supply has also to be evaluated. Graduating from an institution that empowers the students with all necessary skills essential for a successful professional career is of importance. Evaluating whether the course you choose is beneficial and updated to the career you want is hence crucial.

In Mechanical Engineering major branches include Design, Thermal, Manufacturing and Industrial applications. Planning, designing and implementation of project layouts is the core of design. He goes onto explain the diversity of Mechanical Engineering and how the branch has two strong sectors that are in advancement now – Mechatronics and Robotics.

Top Education Tips For Engineering Aspirants

Students who are aspiring to pursue engineering should consider three main factors: Passion, Demand and Supply that they have for the field in question, says Mr. Rajeevlochana G. Chittawadigi.

Why Should You Choose Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Rajeevlochana explains about the benefits of opting for Mechanical Engineering and why a candidate should pursue a field that resonated with Mechanical Engineering or its applications.

Mechatronics & Robotics

Citing the vast scope of opportunities and developments in the fields of Mechatronics and Robotics, Mr. Rajeevlochana also explains on the career prospects of these fields that fall under Mechanical Engineering.