There is no doubt that the students from varying ages and backgrounds are in dilemma having no surety for their entrance exams. Almost 90% of the students are not mentally prepared for the exam. They think that they couldn’t concentrate on their study as there was no surety for conducting exams. But students are advised not to panic and waste time thinking about things that are not in their control. They should take the current situation positively as they are getting more time to be thorough with the subjects.

Students should stop worrying about the exam dates and keep the momentum going. The students who have completed the entire syllabus are advised to attempt regular tests and revise their notes from time to time. They can participate in various online test series available. Others, whose preparation was incomplete, are advised to focus on chapter-wise preparation and attempt tests part by part. They can also attend chapter-wise crash courses covering all important topics. Later, they can take to full syllabus tests.

Some of the other important strategies to cope with the uncertainty are

· The students should not remain out of touch with any subject for more than two to three days.

· Maintain a routine. Make yourself wake up at a particular time and set a timetable including breaks in-between for entertainment.

· Make sure that there is no distraction from family members during study time.

· The students need to divide the days into hours that they will devote to each activity too.

· The students need not be pressurised by parents.

· The present preparation period is a bonus for them, so they need not study the whole day now.

The current stressful situation should be properly handled to make one stronger, more disciplined, and more versatile in the future.

The days should be divided into useful hours according to student’s comfort. These segmented hours for study are ideal for preparations in the current situation. It will ensure better exam preparation. In case some students like to stay up and study, then they can also study for those hours till say 3 am. But make sure that these students do not miss out on their sleep or time for the household chores. Helping parents is a must at this hour. Household chores can also be relaxing to the mind. Also, make sure that only useful or necessary news is followed by students. Too much listening to opinions on the current pandemic may dwell more stress in students. There is a quote saying “a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. So, the right practices and preparation strategies will surely help students attempt the upcoming exams confidently, to the best of their abilities.