Our common goal should be to increase the quality and accessibility of education for all. In that setting, technology can be a powerful force for change, even if it cannot address all of education's challenges.

Interaction between the teacher and the students has improved

How are instructors' roles changing as gamification enhances student engagement and machine learning enables personalization? What does this mean for student-teacher relationships in the traditional sense?

The student-teacher interaction must not be lost sight of for technology to be genuinely effective. Optimal communication between the two has been a major historical difficulty; technology can and should improve interaction between them. Knowledge flow and assistance are now improved by technology across new channels and at all levels of learning.

Online learning tools provide an opportunity to turn the classroom into a community, where tutors can post assignments and students can I ask questions in real time, (ii) communicate with tutors directly via multiple online channels at any time, and (iii) allow parents to better understand and interact with their child's learning journey.

Learners can communicate with each other and tutors remotely via these new channels, encouraging a more dynamic learning atmosphere that extends beyond the daily classroom schedule.

A lack of arithmetic comprehension at an early age can develop to advanced degrees of math anxiety, which can last a lifetime.

The epidemic has worsened this, with numerous global reports from governments and think tanks stressing the loss of learning among youngsters, particularly in STEM areas. Traditional math teaching methods, such as rote memorization of formulae and abstract concepts, can contribute to a lack of comprehension and confidence in math.

Every pupil has different learning requirements. Unlike traditional teaching approaches, technology-enhanced learning makes use of concepts like gamification to increase student engagement and shorten their attention spans.

(This is a slightly modified version of an article originally published in FENews. The original article can be found at https://www.fenews.co.uk/exclusive/technology-and-education-impactful-but-the-teacher-always-comes-first-2/)