The human mind is an invisible part of the body that can work wonders. As human beings, we tend to get stuck in situations and forget to instill positivity within our minds. The concept of living in the present is what matters the most, rather than reminiscing about the past or foreseeing the possibilities of the future. Dr. Rajah says that we should be aware of our present situation and take control of what may come.

The mind is a monkey. It will not be happy sitting in one tree or sitting in one branch.

When the body perceives certain senses like touch or sight, it creates sensitivity. On the other hand, sensibility is more of an emotional connection. A quality that you develop to appreciate an entity by responding to the complexities and acknowledging the beauty of it is what sensibility is all about. This also gives hints about a person’s past experiences and what they could imbibe from the same. Hence, the mind is judgementaljudgmental. One has to have equal sense and sensibility to take prudent decisions, says Dr. Rajah.

In the year 2014, Dr. Rajah attended a session of hypnotherapy where he found a fulfillingstrong passion to learn more about the subject. While chasing a monotonous schedule in business life, he felt the need to loosen the stress and concentrate on his mental health. Dr. Rajah notes that his life changed with Ever since the inception of learning hypnotherapy, the journey has been different, states Dr. Rajah. The mind, the body, and the soul are a combination, which, when works together can give us an understanding of consciousness and subconsciousness.

When you live in this moment, life will be beautiful.

Amidst the pandemic, there are many people who have utilized the lockdown period to find avenues in bringing their passion to life and most importantly, reaching out to others. At this juncture, there is a constant need to adapt to new changes and focus on the present rather than fretting about the future. From selfish to selfless, this period should take advantage of collective consciousness, which is a beneficial factor.

Collective consciousness will create wonders.

Having a schedule and going by the same can improve one’s lifestyle. Dr. Rajah emphasizes on relaxing in between hectic work or stressful situations. Doing a Pranayama in the morning and spending at least half an hour for yourself can naturally improve your day. Light exercises like walking should be a part of the schedule. Balancing the mind and body should be given prime importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, sanity and energy are important, says Dr. Rajah.