Research has shown that parent behaviours and attitudes influence engineering aspirant’s performance, participation, and attitudes. Negative thoughts and actions can limit young student’s potential to do their best.

1. Teach them to handle pressure

Already the engineering aspirants will be under high pressure from the coaching institute in addition to huge expectations of family and society. So, parents need to understand the level of their pressure and make them believe that failure is not the end of life.

2. Maintain a positive home atmosphere

Parents should understand that happy kids produce happy results. Hence, it is their responsibility to maintain a positive environment around them. Understand the capability of your child and act accordingly.

3. Help them to increase their inner power

Every human possesses an inner power which gets increased by the support and believes of the family and friends. As parents, you need to keep on encouraging and give moral support to your child.

4. Help your child build positive and constructive attitudes

Help them believe it is acceptable and desirable to like your field of study. Point out successful historical stories of engineering graduates. Tell them that this field is important and useful in everyday life. Avoid conveying negative and counterproductive messages about the course.

5. Provide engineering materials and opportunities

Sample materials like interesting textbooks, calculators, computers, robotics, and math-oriented games can be introduced to engineering aspirants. Sample opportunities include programs and activities offered in after-school, summer, weekend, or online classes. Encourage your kids to enrol in these types of programs. They can also access websites that are available free with worthwhile learning activities. Accordingly, provide computer access with the latest software, including video games. If possible, provide Internet access at home.

6. Help your child see how engineering is used in everyday life

Point out and discuss how engineering is found in cooking, shopping, and family finances. Interpret graphs that are found in newspapers, and help them to explore new technological devices. In general, discuss and explore all engineering-related information found in the news and elsewhere. Thus, help your child see how engineering can be used to make the world a better living place.

7. Varied approaches

Ask your child to complete tasks in more than one way. For example, when they solve a math word problem and explains why they think it is correct, ask if they can find a different way to solve it.

8. Encourage explanation and discussion

Take sufficient time for discussion after the aspirant has explored questions and tasks. They should explain what they think something means or why it happens. They should explain ideas, orally or in writing, rather than hearing someone else explanation. However, it is appropriate for parents who are knowledgeable about engineering content to explain and show convince them to some degree while engaging them in thinking about the concept.