Engineering as a profession is quite popular and not without reason. Engineers are present in all sectors and have a wide spectrum of career opportunities, as compared to other professions world over. With flexibility to adapt to dynamic environments and training to adapt to challenges, engineers have an edge over other professions. Padma Shri Prof. (Dr). G. Shankar goes on to elaborate how engineers have more creative and economic career growth scope than other career paths.

The pace of innovation and developments in the sector of engineering is also dynamic and growing each passing day. With a backup of mathematical skills, engineers play the role of creators, managers and project leaders in majority of their roles.

From civil structures, advanced biomedical inventions, technology developments, engineers are everywhere.

"We are the creators, we build, we develop and we manage. We are the people who move the world."

In Civil Engineering, the opportunities are again vast and endless. The strength of Civil Engineering lies in the creative, innovative and exciting bandwagon with various sub-branches. Infrastructure, architecture, irrigation, soil mechanics, building consultants, resource and construction management, training architects and so much more, the career options are enormous.

Why to go for engineering?

Go to any institution, service sector or civil services'; half of them are engineers.

Padma Shri Prof. (Dr). G. Shankar from Amrita University explains on why engineering stands out from all other career options in the current times and future both. He also explains about the multi-diverse role of engineers in all sectors.

Why choose Civil Engineering over other degrees

We are responsible for buildings and infrastructures internationally.

The significance of civil engineering is important in all fields of life and growth – increasing the demand of civil engineers everywhere. From planning, designing and monitoring of every structure, civil engineers are needed at every point. Hence, Civil engineering is a significant branch of engineering which stands apart from the rest due to its wide applicability too explains Padma Shri Prof. (Dr). G. Shankar.

Career Prospects in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are the only workforce who will make good structural engineers

From Public Health Systems to Infrastructure, from architecture to irrigation facilities, and from soil mechanics to resource and construction management, the career prospects in civil engineering are vast and very critical to the functioning of the society, says Padma Shri Prof. (Dr). G. Shankar.

Future in Civil Engineering based on Current Scenario

Every intervention and development require civil engineers to pitch in and tackle the situations.

The scope of Civil Engineering in public services and private sectors are growing by the day. From base level at Panchayats to major Civil projects in Metros, Civil Engineering has a very bright future ahead says Padma Shri Prof. (Dr). G. Shankar. Internationally also a lot of responsibility for sustainable structures and buildings lie on Civil Engineers.