JEE Advanced has a reputation of being one of the toughest exams to crack. Mainly, Physics and Mathematics. Even in Organic Chemistry, the questions are twisted such that the students find difficulty in answering them. Also, negative marking makes this exam more complicated.

The best strategies to land into the dream of IIT are:

1. Practice more difficult questions

The level of practice questions needs to be increased especially for Physics and Mathematics. Try solving questions from foreign author textbooks.

2. Mock tests

To get familiar with various patterns of questions try practicing lots of mock tests along with previous year’s questions. Dedicate complete six hours which will make you familiar with different question patterns like multiple choice questions, numerical problems etc. This will also help students get familiar with the syllabus, timings, and other details. Through this, they can also analyse their performance level.

3. Develop out-of-the-box thinking capability

It is a pattern that few questions asked are never found in any textbooks. These are created freshly by IIT professors. Hence, to answer such questions it is important to think out-of-the-box. Take more time to solve such questions.

4. Don’t get attached to any questions

Usually, interesting questions are seen in JEE exams. Some students will get attached to those questions and think to solve this in any manner. This attitude is good while preparing but, not when giving the exam. You need to be smart while doing the exam.

5. Time Management

Time Management is the key to achieve your dream. Every student should make a schedule for self-study. Also, allot sufficient time to study and revise the subjects. While making a schedule, keep the goals in mind and be realistic. Manage your time so that you can give equal time and attention to all the topics and subjects. Try to make a balance between difficult and easy questions while giving the exam.

6. Know Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Your preparation goes in the correct direction only if you have good knowledge about the exam structure and JEE Advanced 2021 syllabus. With the help of JEE Advanced 2021 exam pattern, you will get familiar with the mark’s weightage, marking scheme, questions weightage, and types of questions. Collect all the knowledge about the officially prescribed syllabus and prepare accordingly.

7. Study Material & Books

Students have to make sure that they choose the right study material which covers the entire syllabus. You can refer to the NCERT Textbooks of class 11th and 12th for preparation. Students have to prefer simpler and straightforward books.

8. Revision

Revision is one of the most effective ways of summarising what you learned. It makes sure that you remember the concepts. Students need to focus on the concepts and practice from the books, sample papers, and online. It helps a lot in achieving a good rank in JEE examination. At the time of the revision, practice the application-based and conceptual questions more.