The Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) will now allow students pursuing BTech from the National Institute of Technology in its PhD programmes without appearing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering exam, says a news report published in the Times of India website.

The new admission policy will be implemented from the academic year 2020-21. NIT students will have to score a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 8 and above to be eligible for the admission.

The news report quoted V Ramgopal Rao, the director at IIT-Delhi: “Teaching and examination pattern at NITs are similar to IITs. The quality of students in both institutes also does not have much difference. Hence, it would help us attract the right research talent and improve the overall research ecosystem.”

In accordance with this new policy, final year BTech students from NITs will be able to join IIT Delhi on provisional admission. They will have to maintain the CGPA for a year to secure a seat. While they will get receive their bachelors degree from the respective NITs, they will be allowed to complete their coursework at IIT Delhi along with their research subject.

According to Rao, the policy move is in sync with MHRD’s mandate to help NITs across the country and utilize Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship. In the report, he added that PhD programmes are scaling up across the country and that IIT-Delhi will sign MoUs with select NITs soon. Rao also cites decreased interest among IIT graduates to pursue PhD programme at IITs as a reason behind the move.

Not everyone is happy with this new policy move. The reaction among masses have been mixed. While some comments have been acrimonious, and accused the IITs to be just wasting tax payers’ money. One user called the move an “eyewash”. The user then went on the slam IITs and said that the IITs are not getting enough students for PhD and Mtech, even though most engineering department at the institute are filled with sceince students. “What has been their contribution in the technological development of the country—minuscule compared to the money that the government has spent till date,” he said.

However, most of the users welcomed this move saying it will push more students towards research.