Experts indicated that the next three to five years will be critical for capturing the lead in the field and laying a solid industrial basis, calling for tight collaboration with worldwide standards agencies and platforms, as well as openness and win-win collaborations.

More than 100 communication technology experts from China and abroad are debating the development and vision of 6G, focusing on possible network architecture, wireless transmission routes, and other issues, as part of the ongoing Global 6G Conference, which is being held online from Tuesday to Thursday.

The breakthrough technology will integrate sophisticated computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain to make up for planned applications that fall short of expectations in the 5G era.

According to industry experts, China is gaining the lead among nations preparing for 6G due to its massive investment and technology reserves among mobile operators and equipment manufacturers.

China Unicom executives indicated during their earnings call earlier this month that the business places a high priority on network upgrades and development, as well as tracking and research on 5G-A and 6G technologies.

Huawei, a Chinese technology powerhouse, launched 6G research and development in 2019. In 2020, Huawei will form an air-space-ground integration strategic collaboration agreement with China Unicom and Galaxy Aerospace to jointly develop 6G.

What's new about 6G?

The 6G network is predicted to be 50 times faster than the 5G network. The 6G network is scheduled to be operational by 2030, however India plans to debut the technology by the end of 2023 or early 2024. According to a report, the European Union is spending millions on the 6G network. According to sources, the maximum data download speed in the 6G network is estimated to be 1,000 Gbps.

Countries and businesses involved in the development of 6G Several firms, including Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Apple, and Xiaomi, have begun developing 6G networks. South Korea, China, and Finland, in addition to India and Japan, are developing 6G networks.

Several phone makers, including Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, have started work on developing a 6G network. China, Finland, Japan, and South Korea, as well as India, are planning for the high-speed network. India intends to implement the technology in late 2023 or early 2024. According to reports, the 6G network's maximum download speed will be around 1,000 Mbps.