Even though engineering is a challenging field of study, in the long run, it proves to be lucrative. With a background in engineering—be it chemical, electrical or mechanical engineering—career growth is not restricted to just the engineering arena.

Thanks to technology and all the new media, engineering as a field is growing and several students are choosing to specialise in fields that might not have anything to do with their core subjects of study. The demand for specialization among the students lies in their newly adopted/ gained knowledge, as well as the skills they gained as employees in different kinds of corporate/ public/private sector. This includes ability to manage a team, be part of a competitive group, or even go for training those who are more new to the job than them.

This is where an MBA comes in. Getting a masters or a post-graduate diploma in business administration means you learn or adapt to find real-world solutions to challenges that arise in business. And an MBA from a college/ university abroad means the students have a challenging global curriculum and extensive project schedules to thrive in a competitive global business environment.

The international job market is extremely competitive, therefore to scale the corporate ladder, more and more Indian students, of late, are choosing to study MBA abroad.

Popular Countries To Pursue An MBA Degree

Indian students who choose to pursue an MBA program abroad aim towards gaining a global experience and international recognition as well as better job opportunities. During their time abroad, students can also gain exposure to innovation and developments in the world of business. With assistance from their mentors and fellow students, they can build a strong international network during their time abroad.

  • USA: The most attractive country for Indian students to pursue an MBA following their B.Tech is USA. This is mostly because of the presence of world-famous institutions, more affordable university education and accommodation, as compared to other countries, a higher return on investment, and simpler visa formalities for students. In addition, students graduating from US universities get placed straight out of college into global business houses. As such, the exposure and access to the opportunities they receive is incomparable.
  • UK: Getting a degree from the UK is a close second to a degree from USA. After the US, UK is the next to-go destination for an MBA as it is considered to be a world leader when it comes to quality education practices. It is also home to some of the universities which rank high on the world’s best universities list. In addition, UK universities also have extensions into industries allowing students to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and advancements in the field of their choice, which eventually produce top industry professionals at the end of the course. Another feature that attracts Indian students to pursue an MBA in a UK university is the shorter course duration: full-time courses can be completed just within one year.
  • Canada: Much like an MBA from the USA and UK, one from Canada is also highly valued on the global platform. Along with stellar standards of teaching, students are exposed to a group of students that is rich in diversity. This enables them to associate with various cultures and work on their international network. Another feature that draws Indian students to a Canadian MBA degree is the ease of immigration following the completion of the course.
  • Australia: Of late, Australia has been a popular choice of education destination for Indian students who are looking at countries other than the US for admission to business schools. World-class institutions offering exemplary standards of business school education, coupled with excellent quality of living are some of the reasons why Indian students find pursuing an MBA in Australia extremely attractive. Students can easily work part-time and take care of their living costs and some amount of their tuition fees. There are also numerous scholarship opportunities and other financial aids which can be availed by Indian students.
  • Singapore: Being a hub of modern high-quality education that has modern infrastructure, it’s no surprise that Singapore hosts some of the world’s best universities. It fosters a holistic growth among students and exposes them to a global crowd adding exceptional value to their Masters degree. Employers look to hire professionals with MBA degrees from Singapore as they are exposed to a superior educational standard. MBA in Singapore is not limited to the classic degree, students can opt for specialised business management programs enabling them to expand into a niche chosen industry, based on their own inclinations and interests. 

Why should you pursue an MBA abroad?

  1. With an international MBA degree in hand, applicants can be hired as managers right out of college.
  2. Their experience and exposure abroad while pursuing the management program provides them an opportunity for better pay when compared to their B.Tech/M.Tech peers.
  3. Colleges abroad offer niche specialisations as opposed to the classic MBA course taught in India. This allows students to opt for specialisations in the field of their liking, opening up a variety of unique opportunities when it comes to employment.
  4. In the course of their MBA abroad, students get to interact and create contacts with a wide network of industry insiders who are truly global.
  5. An MBA degree from a recognised university and respected worldwide and therefore, opens up gateways of career opportunities no matter where in the world they go.