With the evolving industrial expectations in the current scenario, there is a certainty for low employability to various economic sectors. The corporate world is competitive with every second, and this demands the employee to be more than just productive in terms of work. Being successful is the sole ability to go from one failure to another, without losing the zeal and spirit.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

The education and experience of work can make a person eligible for a career, but there are certain other skills that are developed over time, soft skills being one of the major factors in determining employability skills. The most important Q’s, namely intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, societal quotient, domain quotient, adverse quotient, and relationship quotient.

The definition of success is different for every individual. The meaning and purpose of a person’s life clearly point out their success journey. Character is a channel to transform ideas into achievements. Education supports this factor, but basic elements that support it- the nature and nurture of an individual- should be moulded, right from childhood.

The strength of character is like a foundation for the building.

The knowledge revolution has been a game-changer with respect to the job opportunities it has established in many sectors. With the current scenario, job losses created among the blue-collar jobs will see light as technological skills have been immensely enhanced. The types of jobs may be changed, but the number of jobs will scale up. With each industrial revolution, productivity increases, thereby decreasing the cost of production. This in turn increases the consumption and much-needed demand. With more demand, there is more productivity. All these factors zero down to necessitate more employment.

People are becoming more prosperous, and more jobs are actually getting created.

If a job is taken up without passion, it results in unwanted failure. People who do not have moral values and those who do not work in teams will only add to the misery of a workplace. It all comes down to how an individual perceives his job, regardless of all the challenges.

Today, military strength alone cannot be a powerful tool to tackle the economy of a country. It also depends on the technological and economic strength. Retaining trade parity is an important constituent to safeguard the economy. Unquestionably, algorithms have taken over human intelligence, demanding a change in the modern world, through digitalization. The domain knowledge is, therefore, a part and parcel of the technology boom.

Strength means, we have to safeguard our borders, come what may.

The future of work represents all the modifications, in terms of work capabilities, organization, and, regulations due to economic and technological change. Ultimately, the character has been allied to the building of successful, morally aware, and employable citizens.

Character and Education

Compared to the previous decade, there is a massive change in industrial expectations. Character building is a vital medium to transmute ideas into successful achievement. Education plays a major role, but nature and nurture elements should be moulded right from childhood, for good character.

Strategies to Protect the Economy

Currently, a country’s military strength cannot stand alone, instead it should have equal economic and technological strength. Retaining economical parity is critical with regard to the finances of the country. We should adapt to digitalization and, encourage citizens to work with the latest technologies.

Technology and Character Building

Students, parents, institutions, industries, and the government being parallel stakeholders are expected to work in harmony to embrace Industry 4.0. With the advent of algorithms taking over human intelligence, one must not forget that without character, technology cannot be controlled.