Women of the 21st century have moved leaps and bounds into all fields of technology and innovation and are continuing to do so more every passing day. This has resulted in an increased number of high-profile women executives in the industry, with many surveys highlighting the ability of women to tackle leadership roles.

From women presidents, space scientist to entrepreneurs, the force is strong. Domains and industries that were tagged as 'men's only' have now transformed to become ones of diverse workspaces. With such progress, encouraging women to take up more tech-related opportunities and promoting skills required for the same is the call of the decade.

In an attempt to do so, Amrita School of Engineering has initiated a one-of-its kind competitive programming contest pan-India to encourage coding for girls - AlgoQueen.

With the central focus on boosting the culture of competitive programming and coding in girl students of the country, Amrita will be hosting a series of contests during the program. These programming contest intended for high school students will be conducted in the first two quarters of 2021. With a remarkable history of hosting the world’s largest competitive programming contest, ICPC, Amrita will leave no leaves unturned to make this event a success. The university has conducted various programs like coding camps, competitions, programming championships for both school and college students.

The university also conducts various programs for students to excel in engineering entrance exams, including the Amrita Engineering Entrance exam. The main aim of these programs is to help students looking for Amrita or other college B.Tech admissions in 2021.

With the competition coding initiative AlgoQueen, Amrita will conduct training sessions for all students and alumni interested to participate in the contest. This will in turn offer them more confidence to pursue and excel in coding.

Competitive programming is equally encouraged by the technology sector as it helps industries to easily identify and recruit students who have commendable coding skills. In addition, promoting the participation of girls will benefit in cutting down the gender inequality persisting in the field.