As rightly said by Albert Einstein himself, “The situation in which mankind finds itself is not comparable to anything in the past and makes the adoption of revolutionary measures a compelling necessity.”

With this Einstein indicated that as world’s intellectuals work towards development, they should equally focus on peace and prosperity too. While leading developments and advancement in the way of life for humans, the associated risks and related negative consequences of technology cannot be ignored. Owing to the exponential growth of technology, it is essential to ensure measures like ethical decision making is inculcated in the education of engineering students.

To aid students to get along in their journey towards engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has designed a unique platform - DISHA Career Readiness Conclave. The central purpose of the career counselling platform is to support the school students in choosing the best career option in engineering and prepare for not just Amrita admissions but also for all other entrance examinations. The progressive growth of technology and digitisation leads us to a future where the evolving domains will play a significant role in building promising careers. This session also helps students decide on best engineering branch in addition to gain awareness about higher opportunities abroad. Watch this video for more information: Disha Career Readiness Conclave - YouTube.

Through DISHA, Amrita plans to spread awareness on possible career choices by sharing knowledge on the same in virtual classes for students in X, XI, and XII standards. The career guidance session also helps students gearing up for B.Tech Admissions 2021. The experts impart tips to help students decide their choice of graduation before they appear for their Engineering Entrance exam based on the future prospects in the respective fields.

Any school student studying in classes 9th to 12th standard can participate in these sessions. All sessions will be planned in advance and the calendar will be published on the website  Candidates interested in the program will be able to register online in order to receive timely updates.