In the very early stages itself, we have given high importance to quality education

As rightly said, education is preeminently a matter of quality not quantity. Bringing students to international standards, the Department of International Program at Amrita University works to bring in opportunities, capabilities and transformation in the education ecosystem. Experiencing the highest global standards of the education system is what can aid in enhancing quality of education. With short-term, student exchange, PhD and integrated degree programs, students participating in the same can extend their career horizon in expertise, remuneration, and exposure while also working in diverse culture and surroundings and building capacity.  

The department has established 200+ MOUs with different universities, a majority of them raking amid first hundred in a list of world’s topmost universities, namely Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford etc. Resulting in short-term and student exchange programs that also result in a fully-funded PhD upon excellent performance, every year Amrita offers 100+ student exchange opportunities spread around the world like USA, Europe, Japan, Netherlands, France and more.

International internship programs help students engage with top universities and industry leaders to learn firsthand the latest developments and technology in their particular domain. When it comes to integrated programs, owning a double degree, one from Amrita University and second from an international university is the key onus. To top it off, a PG integrated programs discounts the total course duration by a year, while a PhD integrated program can cut down up to 2 years of your course time.  The additional benefits being skipping the entrance exams for the PG programs with scholarships and additional scope for future research/PhD.

Dual degree programs, at Masters level, enables students to get two degrees, with the first-year education conducted at Amrita and second at an international university. There are also three integrated programs in partnership with the University of Arizona – International Degree Pathway (IDP), Global Campus Experience (GCE), and Dual Degree Program.

The only eligibility for being a part of the courses is to excel in the initial phase of your graduation at Amrita University. A multi-layer committee filters student based on ten parameters, including CGPAs.

Another world-renowned initiative of Amrita University, Live-in labs helps students to devise a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving in a dynamic ecosystem that is a part of a rural community. Building solutions with a human-centric approach to result in sustainable development of the community is at the core of live-in labs.  

Scholarships in Amrita University amount to $2.3 million per year with over 1100+ opportunities, for UG/PG students, PhD scholars, research fellows and faculties. The alumni at Amrita are also diverse and comprises of over 323 international faculties, also involving industry experts and research fellows.

What does Department of International Programs do?

Bring up the students to an extraordinary capability where they are able to get wholesome education.

Dr Maneesha elaborates how Amrita University has always been focused on enhancing the standards of education by notching it up to international levels. Bringing in opportunities and capabilities while transforming the education ecosystem is at the center of the Department of International Program, which includes student exchanges and short-term programs, and double-degree or integrated courses.

Why a double degree from an International University?

Moulding you to a level to compete and study at top universities in the world

Dr Maneesha throws some light on the opportunities that the students opting for a dual degree or an integrated degree would receive. Extending their career horizon in knowledge, remuneration and exposure; a double degree from an international university adds a global dimension to the entire educational qualification of the student opting for it.

Student Exchange Programs under Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Amrita engages with different universities at different levels, all ranking in the 100+ list of world’s topmost universities.

Presenting in detail the numerous collaborations and MOUs that Amrita University is collaborating with, accounting to more than two hundred, Dr. Maneesha highlights that all connected universities rank high in a list of top universities in the world. Students engaged in both the short-term and the student exchange programs gain educational exposure, after which they also have a chance to pursue higher studies at these international universities. She also cites a few examples with regards to the same.

Integrated courses

Students who perform very well are given the opportunity to go to top-notch universities.

For students excelling at Amrita University, opportunities to pursue higher education at international universities is what the Integrated Courses are all about, explained Dr Maneesha. The students get the benefit of a degree from Amrita University in addition to an international degree, while also getting the onus of cutting short the course duration for a year in case of post-graduation and two years in case of a PhD.

What is the eligibility criteria and are programs economical?

It is completely dependent on your performance at Amrita University

The performance of students in the preliminary couple of years in addition to other parameters, totaling to ten, form the base of the assessment through which eligibility for integrated and short-term programs is finalized, explained Dr Maneesha. Through her presentation, she explains in detail that Amrita University also has scholarship programs worth 2.3 million dollars spread across 1100+ opportunities in total for its UG, PG, and PhD students in addition to faculties.

What are international internships and Live in Labs?

International internships with globally-accredited universities and MNCs form an integral part of the international program at Amrita University, explains Dr Maneesha. Short term programs range from a month to three at international universities in addition to research/project-oriented internships which can also pave way for fully-funded PhD scholarships. Live-in labs, she added, offer students an opportunity to devise a multi-disciplinary solution to bring sustainable development in a rural ecosystem.