It is essential for engineers to learn data engineering so that time is not wasted on building solutions for data problems that have already been solved. Data engineering and related functions aim to accelerate everything happening at the company to leverage data as a key competitive advantage.

The job of data engineers is to help an organisation move and process data with various tools. Movement of data involves pipelining techniques and processing data includes data warehouses and stream processing. The job of data engineers is gaining high demand because of the increase in privacy requirements and scrutiny, which will drive the need for automated data management. Integration with other fields is a key step in this evolution but increases workload.

The future of data engineers seems promising with careers in the field to be in high demand. The reason will be increasing digital traffic. Also, hundreds of data sources are emerging day by day. Nowadays, all major companies are looking for data engineers in India. Apart from that many Indian IT companies are providing data services to foreign clients. It leads to a high job opportunity for a data engineer in the upcoming future. In a short while, this has become one of the highest paying jobs in India and it will remain the same in the upcoming years. Not every company currently needs data engineers. Their skills are required if the company already has a product that is fully web-based and therefore data-driven or they have a need to analyse lots of data from any kind of source and with have limited time to accumulate the values. With digital dependency accelerating by the day, most of the companies will need resources from this field in the next few decades.

Data engineering when compared to existing roles would be a combination of software engineering and business intelligence engineer with big data abilities. Business creates more reporting data that needs to be collected, cleaned, and updated in real-time. The complexity of this process is expanding every day. Hence, there comes the need for more advanced programming skills and engineering tools.

Job description and skills of a data engineer

If English is the language of business, then SQL is the language of data. Python is the language of engineering. Hence, a data engineer needs a reliable understanding of:

· SQL to a high level of complexity.

· Data modelling techniques: Dimensional modelling and Solid ETL understanding

· Need to have a high-level understanding of most technical tools, platforms, libraries, and other major resources.

· Able to use the programming language to connect the dots from source to destination. Python is mostly preferred.

These advancements with data in India and abroad are good news for both data engineers and companies who employ them. As data becomes more valued in businesses and the technology solves challenging problems, data engineers will become more in demand. The same is true for businesses. For them, the resources that were once spent on building and maintaining customer data infrastructure will be focused now on building better products and services.