The scope of Biotechnology is wide and offers opportunities in the research field also. Biotechnology Engineering applications are in the field of:

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Energy Production and Conservation
  • Pollution Control
  • Disease Research
  • Eco-Conservation
  • Research and Development of Medicines, Vaccines, Fertilisers, and Insecticides

Hence, there is a fast-growing scope in this area. Biotechnology in Greek means human knowledge and skills. Human knowledge always has the potential to grow and develop into greater results. This revolutionary idea has benefited the health, medical and food, sector, etc.

Biotechnology engineering includes

· Bioprocess Engineering

· Biomedical Engineering

· Forensic sciences

· Microbiology

· Biochemistry

· Beverage industry

· Stem cell industry

· Genetic technology

· Food Technology

· Microbiology

· Nutrition and Dietetics

· Bioremediation

· Photosynthetic effect

· Bioremediation

Biotechnology has a major role in the industrial sector and most of the employment is produced through it. Industries like Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Clinical research, Medical laboratories etc. are all the key employers of biotechnology.

Future of Biotechnology

As the need, use, and demand for biotechnology is increasing it offers opportunities for employment and career aspects in large numbers. Booming agricultural research industry to produce more efficient hybrid crops and farming methods, medical transfusion, genetic research and development, and healthcare industry cannot sustain without Biotechnology. So, in career opportunities and employment development, Biotechnology has a vital role to play and soon.

Biotechnology will be a survival tool in the present scenario with the increasing number of lethal diseases and pandemics. Also, with a world population of over 9 million, the demand for new technologies in the agriculture sectors is high. Hence, Biotechnology has a significant role in the future. Biotechnology also affects and contributes to the economy to an extent.

Scope & opportunities. Biotechnologists are in high demand of industries like the textile, food industry, and corporate, legal, etc.

Other employment opportunities in this field are

· Sales department in a Biopharma Company

· Entrepreneurship

· Teaching

· Government sector

· Intellectual Property Research and patenting field

· Legal advisory for biotechnology

· Phlebotomist filed

· Prosthetics sector of the medical field

A biotechnologist can get into government institutes and organisations also. The food processing industry, chemical industry, and textile industry are the other organisations providing job opportunities for a biotechnologist. Hindustan Lever, Thapar Group, Indo-American Hybrid Seeds, Biocon India Ltd., IDPL, Hindustan Antibiotics, etc. are some of the companies one can look up to for jobs. The factors for annual salary depend upon academic qualification, institute or university from which the degree is attained and the level of work experience.

There is a high opportunity of getting jobs in this field as the demand for biotechnologists is growing in India as well as abroad. It is found that more than 6000 skilled biotechnologists are required in India as per the survey made by the Human Resource Development Ministry.