The body heals itself when we are fasting.

Mr. RBS Bir, an alum of IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore founded AFK Academy, a virtual wellness center in 2020. AFK Academy endorses fasting based on the principle of ‘autophagy’ to help people lose their weight and improve their health.

Autophagy is a Greek word that translates to ‘self-eating.’ Autophagy is the natural, regulated mechanism of the removal of dysfunctional cell components. The idea is that through fasting, the body can be induced to eat its own fat and weak cells, and thus prevent several illnesses.

Mr. Rbs Bir says that just like the body gets rest with sleep, its digestive system also needs rest. Fasting, advocated by many world religions, helps detox, and heal our body. There are other benefits to fasting that many do not know of:

1.Prevention of Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and more - Fasting for over 12 hours leads to using up of excess sugar, fat and also the elimination of weak cells. Weak cells are those vulnerable to mutation and then cancer. Fasting also boosts production of stem cells which are key in repair and healing of body tissues in the long term.

2.Improves performance and energy level- Fasting induces ketosis which is the burning of fat. This produces ketones along with energy. Ketones are known for improving our brain and body performance. Also, growth hormones and serotonin are produced while fasting which are crucial for health and calm.

3.Reversing diabetes - Diabetic people have insulin resistance which can be tackled by fasting. Insulin can get absorbed if the fat in cells get burned. When we fast, the intake of sugars is cut so, insulin levels drop and fat gets used. This way glucose can enter our cells again, naturally reducing blood sugar level and thus reversing diabetes.

4.Weight loss - Fasting is a quicker way to lose weight than exercise. Mr. Rbs Bir claims that 24 hours of fasting can burn up to 500 grams of body fat at once. But daily exercise is compulsory for a healthy life. He recommends 40-60 minutes of gym, yoga, walking or any other exercise to boost burning of fat and also for the toning of muscles.

People who would like to use the autophagy method to reverse their diabetic condition must follow guidelines recommended by fasting experts like Mr. Rbs Bir. They must not fast for more than 16 hours at a time and this must be accompanied with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Their diet should be free of carbohydrates and sugars and comprise of salads with sprouts, cooked vegetables, walnuts and almonds, dal/lentils, paneer and/or meat.