There is no doubt that humans possess the striking ability to create wonders with intelligence. It is an acquired ability to make use of computers for creating simple board games to complex robots. The future does look at technology to enable more creative and effective choices. By reinterpreting what comes beyond, human intelligence can reveal a new era of creative decision-making.

We are all aware that AI at its most basic level can mimic aspects of human intelligence. With research and complex studies, AI will continue to improve its abilities. It may even be able to take a lesser human approach to analysis or problem solving that differs from its human creators. With Human Creative Thinking and Artificial Intelligence, the result will be a whole new way of looking at the world. The understanding and interpretations that these reveal, can help us find new ways of approaching challenges, developing ideas, and looking at a whole new prospect of growth.

It takes one to create AI, but another to use it to transform how a business operates. To learn about AI’s true potential and using it with creativity, one must look at all the available prospective of the current business and work around principles that can improve the fundamentals of the same. How can you reshape options to make your vision as effective as possible?

The use of technology to practice monotonous work, and using the human mind to work on more creative thinking with strategic decision making adds to long-term value. In fact, businesses should focus on finding ways to deploy AI that is not just replacing humans but to guide their creative choices too.

So where exactly can the human side of creativity merge with AI?

  • Intelligent Augmented design

Recent advances in AI raise interest in design activity, which is comparatively considered to be complex and human-dominated. A framework develops a hierarchy of design basis, approaches, and principles. The design, supported by AI gives new perspectives on computer-based design tools and is built on human-design rationales. As the future sees it, designers are bound to bring sensible context needed for innovation, which will make businesses successful with AI.

  • Music

Composing music? Possible. Creating virtual pop stars? Possible. AI is transforming the music industry by doing almost everything possible. With these tremendous changes in the industry, many feel that AI will increase businesses, but a lot of people fear that it could kill the careers and small businesses of the music industry ecosystem. As AI programs and data sets continue to improve, the current limits of our imagination can take a leap too. With an already set stage for music composers and users, the best way to look at AI would be to see it as an assistant, rather than a competitor.

  • Dance

AI would be a great collaborator when it comes to choreographing and breaking a regularity in dance patterns. AI has made it possible for beginners to dance by replicating the moves of experts and making it look as if they can dance like professionals! The framework creates varieties of videos to perform various steps, just like their favourite artists.

  • Novels and Articles

By far, writing has been a challenging affair for AI in general. But many AI text generating tools have been created that can be used by anyone with good grammar skills. AI combined with grammatical skills can definitely normalise a large amount of content than a human being, and at a faster pace. Many prestigious media organisations use AI to create content and are unanimously accepted. Interestingly, machine learning and AI can combine to even compose poetry, which is gaining popularity around the world.

If machine learning gets more integrated in our devices, we should not let it control our lives, rather have control over it. AI is, and always will be exploring all niches of improvement, whilst taking control of the common needs of any man. Having stated this, we should educate the people around us as to how they can utilise this technology, without having an unnecessary bias towards it over traditional ways. AI and creativity are making waves, and the future is ready to explore more and give back even more.