Dr Sasangan Ramanathan – Dean, Amrita School of Engineering, explains in detail about the process of attaining an engineering degree the right way. He explains to students on what should be the ideal gradation when a student moves from secondary education to graduation.

Starting with high school, where students are only expected to remember and understand the concepts taught to them, a graduation student has to start application of knowledge gained in the initial years of engineering. Following that, a student has to use applications creatively in various analysis and evaluate the effects of the same. Lastly, an engineering student should be able to create technologies/applications on the basis of their core knowledge by their final year of engineering.

Dr Sasangan elaborates on how the process of engineering is like a pyramid with the bottom half being – remembering, understanding and base-level applying of knowledge while the top half is in-depth applications, analysis, evaluations and creations using the knowledge gained. If only the bottom half of the pyramid is reached by the time of graduation, a student is an engineering degree holder. It is only when the student excels at the top level of the pyramid that he/she transform into a true engineer in all senses.

For choosing the right engineering stream, students should primarily go for a field that they are passionate about. Also, job opportunities – not just today, but in the foreseeable future – should be considered. Experts suggest that the field of infrastructure development, transportation technologies, cyber security, digital economy, automation, supply chain and product development are sure to be growth drivers in the coming decade.

Also, as opposed to earlier, engineering branches are more correlated and overlapping than ever before. To study and learn the basics of the core technology you are interested in is not enough anymore. A practical and dynamic approach to learning, comprehending and applying diverse technology is the need of the hour and also the years to come. Hence, a student should choose an engineering degree keeping the associated technologies also in mind, concludes Dr Sasangan.

What Does it Take to Be a True Engineer?

To be a true engineer, mastering the skills of application, evaluation and creation of technologies in addition to remembering the concept and understanding it is essential, says Dr Sasangan.

How to Choose an Engineering Stream?

Dr Sasangan explains that engineering streams should be chosen keeping in mind the student’s interest and passion in the said path in addition to possible opportunities in the coming decade.

Breaking the Myth of Job Opportunities

With all engineering branches corelated more than ever due to the interoperability of emerging technologies, a candidate should focus on the field of interest and then acquire all relevant knowledge to excel in the same, concludes Dr Sasangan.