An eminent multi-faceted personality, Dr. V.K. Jayakumar is a general physician, social worker, philanthropist, general physician, poet, author, counsellor, teachers’ trainer, motivator, women’s empowerment promoter, personality and leadership trainer, an orator, an ardent educationalist and a CBSE approved principal. He is both a medical professional as well as a doctorate holder. He has served in the crucial areas of health and education to contribute towards national development.

A distinguished alumnus of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, he started his own hospital in a rural underdeveloped region of Alappuzha within just a few days of getting registered as a medical professional. Later, while working at Anchal Government Hospital, he was recognised as the ‘Best Family Welfare Medical Officer.’

His journey as an educationalist began when he realized there were no schools nearby for his daughter’s education and decided to start his own school. He has founded many educational institutions including Sabarigiri school at Anchal in 1978, the first CBSE affiliated school in Kollam district of Kerala, and the prestigious Sabarigiri International School Trivandrum. He has received the Millennium Leader Award from Government of Kerala, the ‘Eminent Citizen of India’ Award from New Delhi and Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation Award apart from several other laurels over the course of his 50-year career of philanthropy. According to him, to be successful, one needs to have a positive attitude, a helping nature, emotional stability a strong character, and big dreams for oneself.

"Children are to be transformed into fine humans more than academic degree holders"

Educators are nation builders and the country flourishes because of them. They have the power of transforming an innocent child into a contributing citizen of the world. Dr. Jayakumar rightly says, “Offering education is not a business, but a divine service.” Teachers, according to the good doctor, form the heart of the educational system and hence, need to be empowered and trained not just in subject matter expertise, but also to teach the students values like honesty, service-mindedness and patriotism. The prime qualities of any teacher should be love and concern for their students.

According to Dr. Jayakumar, the future of our nation belongs to the children. They need to aspire to become what they want and not what their parents want. Parents must nurture the children to become fine human beings. Children need to be encouraged to be caring and responsible to one’s family, as well as to those less fortunate in the society. They need to imbibe the love for humanity and religious harmony from their family and school.

“Recognize the individuality of the child and build courage and confidence.”

Dr. Jayakumar also notes, that most children, however, do not receive enough encouragement and appreciation and are more emotionally vulnerable than ever before, making youth suicide a social menace. The emotional development of a child has to be taken care of by recognizing their individuality and building them up with courage and confidence. For this, parents and teachers need to be trained to identify any mental disturbances or abnormality in children’s behavior and take quick remedial actions.

"Look into the eyes of the child with affection and love"

The tables of Indian education have turned with the onset of National Educational Policy 2020. Dr. Jayakumar appreciates Dr. K. Kasturirangan for drafting the new policy that promotes vocational education, multilingualism, and systematizing education from early childhood. While making career decisions, children need to be guided professionally and choose from their own interests and aspirations rather than from parental pressure.

NEP 2020 also aims to achieve 100% literacy rate and 50% higher education among adults. Recognizing that Indians are already in top positions across the world, NEP 2020 will revolutionise the education system and assist our country to become a global knowledge center.