To make an impact on an organisation, young individuals need to have a proper grounding in their work lives. Many people consider corporate humanity an oxymoron. When organisations come together, they should produce goods and services in accordance with people’s needs and budgets.

The key to success is when businesses ensure that the cycle goes on, wherein they directly or indirectly provide the buying capacity to the masses. The social role of businesses is to produce goods and services at the lowest possible costs yet earn a fair profit for the entrepreneur. When this happens, society favours a harmonious interchange of scarce economic goods to satisfy the most pressing subjective needs.

Thankfully, some businesses are giving solutions to issues regarding food, housing, and education.

The quality of leadership lies within everyone, quotes Mr. Hari Prakash. When a crisis arises, there are different kinds of people exhibiting various levels and capacities of their leadership skills. This could be to do with the simplest of tasks, like lending a helping hand during tough times. The quality of a leader is measured by the quality of compassion they show. Compassion, flexibility, and understanding are the three important factors needed for the corporate world to rise as leaders.

Leadership is a reaction, it springs up when crises arise.

As far as major stakeholders are concerned, every head should treat their subordinates and team staff with equal respect and compassion, and not indifferently. From a middle-level manager’s point of view, he/she can reach out to the needs and concerns of both levels of the spectrum- the seniors as well subordinates. Ultimately, the middle-level manager can influence both parties in a positive way.

Corporate Social Responsibility should not be seen as a compulsive social initiative, but a benevolent doing for the needy in one’s community. The true spirit of CSR should be practised by every major business and community with the spirit of giving and, by law. Mr. Hari Prakash quotes examples of major companies like TATA, Alibaba Group, and Wipro that contributes generously to the welfare of communities, through CSR.

CSR is not for customers and business development, CSR is for the society and you should feel for the cause you want to do.

We need to appreciate and promote compassion as a value, says Mr. Hari Prakash. Children are more amenable to compassion and hence, can make a difference to the world. Young India, when exposed to such values and virtues, will definitely take over humanitarian concerns in the foreseeable future.

Corporates & Humanity

Humanity among the corporate world is considered an oxymoron as corporates rarely address issues on human concerns. The social role of businesses is to produce services at reasonable costs, whilst earning a fair profit for the trader. Hope is a way to instill humanity among people during tough times.

Business thrives on social Wellbeing

Corporates should be aware of social wellbeing and societal problems too in addition to working on being successful and profitable. Addressing issues that the whole of humankind or a majority is facing is essential, since businesses thrive on natural resources that bring to not only them, but every human being.

Leadership Qualities to help humanity

Everyone has the quality of leadership within them, but with different capabilities and capacities to govern various situations. The quality of leadership can be assessed by the quality of compassion. As part of ethical workmanship, one should treat their seniors and subordinates with equal respect.

Corporates and Compassion

Corporate Social Responsibility should not be looked upon as a compulsive social initiative, but with a spirit of benevolence. When companies provide funds through CSR, it benefits important sectors like health, education, and social welfare. Compassion, care, and humanity should come from the heart.

How Young Indians can Create Hope in Humanity

Corporates train individuals to limit their thoughts to self-centred goals. Businesses and industries should try best to help the young retain their innocent selfless nature filled with compassion and helpfulness. These values have to be upheld and appreciated in the workplace too, so that young Indians propel the hope of humanity in mankind - today and tomorrow.