TCS has issued over a whopping 30,000 offer letters to graduates fresh out of college from around the country. In Q1 (April-June 2019), it opened its doors to 12,356 employees, the highest numbers in the last five years. This brings the consolidated head count at TCS to 436,641 employees, as of June 30th, 2019. At the end of the second quarter of the current fiscal, the remaining 60% of the total new graduates are expected to join. 

Local talents yearn to join TCS resulting in an increasingly diverse workforce. TCS had undertaken the gargantuan task of training a total of over 650,000 employees- over 315,000 in digital technologies and 361,000 in Agile methods. With bespoke training programs with the world’s best trained consultants from 45 countries, fresher graduates are able to avail an opportunity to kick-start their career in a conducive multi-cultural environment. Working with a global leader in IT Services, Consulting, Technology and Digital Solutions will offer the graduates an enabling environment for growth and development. 

The numbers are a shift in the positive direction especially since 36.1% of the total workforce are women as of June 30th, 2019. In tandem with the International Labour Organisation’s second global report results, TCS female proportions in the workforce, above the expected 30%, are sure to reap the benefits of gender diversity. A gender-inclusive work culture will serve to be a precursor for an increase in productivity, performance and eventually, profits. Women in the workforce is an underused strategy to ensure the representation of a formidable talent pool, in this era of skill shortages. TCS incorporating genuine gender diversity as a part of their business strategy should tread the path for other organisations to follow suit. 

Also to be noted is that as many as 149 nationalities are represented worldwide in the TCS offices. This offers incredible diversity in the workplace. The company’s efforts translates into a diversification of the services sector alongside increasing capabilities of the employees. 

A possible explanation for the exceptional retention rates at TCS, a stand-out differentiator among other companies of a similar class, may be the youthful and enriching working atmosphere that employees are subjected to. The Global Head of Human Resources at TCS, Milind Lakkad also elaborates that the lower attrition rates reflect better to customers as the process becomes increasingly result-driven, stable and eventually translate to fewer service delivery disruptions. With accounts data collected from over 5 decades of experience along with an application of contextual knowledge, TCS is well equipped to customise differentiated solutions to meet every customer’s unique requirements.  Following a round-up and a year-to-date comparison, TCS reports a profit margin up by 10.8% in the Q1 of this fiscal as compared to the Q1 of the previous financial year. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) holds the reputation of being a valuable global IT services brand and as per market capitalisation, is India’s largest company. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, TCS has earned several laurels to its name- it is the highest ranked IT services company and the top-most Indian company.